Red Bull’s Max Verstappen said he is not shocked by the performance Mercedes showed during qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix.


  • The Dutch driver said they expect Mercedes to have more power when they take a new engine.
  • Verstappen said he is happy to be second place and that sometimes he is just realistic in terms of what his car could deliver.

What he said:

  • “When they [Mercedes] take a new engine, they have a bit more power for the weekend, so for me it’s not a big schok. I’m just happy to be second, that’s a good position to start from. Of course, I always want to be closer, but sometimes you just have to be realistic and there was not much more in it.”
  • “There are not that many points to gain in the sprint race, so I hope, of course, to have a good first lap and see from there. And, of course, the most important one is on Sunday.”
  • “It will be completely different anyways, it’s going to be warmer, so that will change the behavior of the car as well, so we’ll see.”

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