Max Verstappen has talked about the F1 sprint qualifying format which will be used this weekend at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, stating he prefers the “traditional” way.


  • Verstappen thinks the primary excitement of the Sprint format comes from the race starts, as not much happens through the race afterwards.
  • The Dutchman admitted he prefers the traditional race weekend format.

What he said:

  • “I think the main excitement comes from the start because, after that, in the amount of laps you do, you put the tire on which will last to the end mainly, especially the guys in the front, and there’s not a lot of passing going on. So I don’t think it really matters at what track you do it,” Verstappen said when asked if he expects Brazil to be the most exciting sprint race out of the three.
  • “Personally, I’m a bit more of the traditional F1 weekend where, if we have competitive cars and just all the teams get closer together, then naturally you don’t need to change anything. So we’ll see.”

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