Yuki Tsunoda revealed he spoke with his engineers after the incident involving Red Bull drivers in Q3 last week to gather their perspective.


  • Tsunoda came under attack from Red Bull in Mexico after he ran off the circuit during Q3 to let them pass. Sergio Perez ran wide at the corner and that distracted Max Verstappen from his lap.
  • After receiving criticism from the likes of Verstappen and Christian Horner, Tsunoda defended himself, saying he didn’t know what else he could have done.
  • The Japanese driver said that his engineers shared a similar opinion to him.

What he had to say:

  • “We spoke lots of things about the quali three situation,” Tsunoda told RaceFans.
  • “The engineers agree that I couldn’t do anything more than really that [in that] situation. But also at the same time, we can clearly see that there’s a space that we have to learn about radio conversation.”
  • “I think [if] we have had more information before that or if I’m asking for more information I think we could [avoid] that situation as well. So it’s just [a] really unfortunate situation.”

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