Andrew Shovlin thinks that high temperatures at Brazil’s “unstable” Interlagos could pass the advantage to Red Bull for the Sao Paulo GP.


  • Sao Paulo has seen drastic changes in weather in the past and the teams are preparing for more of the same this weekend.
  • Rain is expected in various patches over the weekend during Friday’s practice sessions and early on Saturday. However, Sunday’s race will likely remain dry.
  • The dry conditions on Sunday may not bode well for Mercedes, as trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin explains.

What he had to say:

  • “The weather inherently is very unstable there. You can have a 50-degree track one day and it can be a washout the next.”
  • “But I think if it’s a hot circuit, then that’s probably going to move it in their [Red Bull’s] direction. A bit of cloud cover may well suit us but one of the advantages they had in Mexico was they were able to go up one step on downforce from the rear wing.”
  • “They normally run to their maximum downforce wing, but actually for us, that’s the one that we run normally, it’s just the car.”
  • “That car seems to have more downforce than us when on identical size wings and I think that played into their favor. [In] Brazil that that should be less of an issue. But it’s very hard to predict.”

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