Pierre Gasly and George Russell think that the modification of qualifying rules will be useful for Formula 1.

Why it matters: Ross Brawn has revealed recently the F1 might get rid of the Q2 tire rule.


  • Russell believes that the change will give more opportunities for midfield teams.
  • Gasly thinks that the tire rule affects performance in the race.

What they had to say:

  • I think the cars in the midfield just don’t have an opportunity to even fight. The game is already over. So I think that would probably make things easier for everybody,” Russell commented.
  • “We actually have been in that situation a couple of times where we don’t really have the pace to make it, or it’s very tight and you need to go with the softer compound. If you do make it, you know that you’re going to compromise your race and it just increases the gap in between the top teams and the midfield when you’re right on the edge of both making Q3,” Gasly added.

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