Fernando Alonso has shared his thoughts regarding the schedule of the final races of the 2021 F1 season.


  • The final races of the 2021 campaign are formed into a triple-header (Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Qatar) and a double-header (Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi).
  • The Alpine driver hopes that F1 will plan such events better in the future.

What he had to say:

  • “This triple-header is not the most convenient. Every race is separated by 12 hours [on a] plane or something like that. And we have to race three consecutive weekends.”
  • “It’s important for the team, for the mechanics to save energy. They are in the garage, packing everything, they will finish late, they will take a plane, arrive in Brazil, and they will pack everything and mount the garage. So it is on the limit for them, for sure.”
  • “Hopefully we find better solutions for the calendar, because Austin is one hour and a half from Mexico. And we were two weeks ago in Austin.”

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