James Vowles has given insight regarding how Mercedes approached the starting sequence of the Mexico City Grand Prix.


  • Mercedes’ plan at the start was to ensure that Lewis Hamilton would get the tow from Valtteri Bottas.
  • The Mercedes motorsport strategy director admits that Bottas’ getaway affected the plan.

What he had to say:

  • “The strategy and approach to turn 1 was quite straightforward here. For Valtteri [Bottas], if he had a good start, he was going to let Lewis [Hamilton] tow along behind him and make sure that he covered off that threat from Verstappen.”
  • “The starts, as they turned out, was that Valtteri had a slightly worse start than both Verstappen and Lewis – not a lot, around about four metres or so, but it was sufficient that Lewis wasn’t able to tuck up behind.”
  • “More so, Verstappen’s start being good meant he was alongside Valtteri very, very quickly. The result of that is they ended up three-wide incredibly quickly and early on during the run down into turn 1.”

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