Martin Brundle has denied asking for protocol changes in the Formula 1 grid during pre-race events.

Why it matters: Formula 1 has changed its grid protocols, stating that invited personalities must not bring any security guards into the racetrack.


  • There was controversy inside the Formula 1 community as Martin Brundle was pushed away by one of Meghan Thee Stallion’s security guards during the grid walk the former F1 driver was doing for Sky TV.
  • Brundle denied asking for the changes in the grid protocols, which were introduced by Formula 1 after the incident.

What he said:

  • “For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t care who visits the F1 grid, the more, the merrier.”
  • “Talk to me, ignore me, shove, wave, hug, call me names, whatever makes you happy. All I ask is that you soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the privilege.”
  • “I’ve not asked for any grid protocol changes.”

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