Valtteri Bottas has reflected on last Sunday’s Mexico City GP, where he faced plenty of misfortunes.

Why it matters: Bottas was spun by Daniel Ricciardo at the race start and was stuck behind the Australian later on in the race. He also had issues at his pit stops.


  • The Finn admits that the opening lap incident heavily affected his race.
  • Bottas reveals that he had limited resources in order to make a recovery drive.

What he had to say:

  • “It was very tricky for me, obviously. I was quite compromised with the first corner incident. Obviously a lot less than what I aimed for today. Not my lucky day.”
  • “[We were] also quite limited with the engine and brake temperatures, so I couldn’t attack for many laps in a row. So I had to go back and forward, and couldn’t find a way to progress.”

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