Mattia Binotto is delighted with how Ferrari drivers handled the swap at last Sunday’s Mexico City Grand Prix.


  • Charles Leclerc was asked to let Carlos Sainz through in an attempt to catch Pierre Gasly. Later on, the teammates came back to their positions as Sainz was unable to overtake Gasly.
  • Binotto reveals that the swap between the drivers has been discussed ahead of the race.

What he had to say:

  • “It’s a scenario we discussed during our usual strategy meeting. We knew that at some stage in the race, maybe because we somehow made a different strategy between the two, one stopping early, the other one staying longer on track, the one staying longer would have had a tire disadvantage by the end of the race.”
  • “We knew that it could have been maybe an opportunity to try to catch up to the driver ahead, who was Gasly, so we discussed the point. We swapped with the intention to try to catch up Gasly and then swap back if that would not have worked.”
  • “I think it has been a good team spirit, it has been a good team effort.”

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