The Alpine driver Fernando Alonso is delighted with his performance at the Mexico City Grand Prix.


  • Alonso admits that he is glad with his recovery after a difficult qualifying, where he was eliminated in Q1.
  • The Spaniard admits that the start of the race was quite chaotic.

What he had to say:

  • “I’m happy. A well-executed race again for us. P9, a couple of points for the team after a difficult weekend; I think yesterday, we didn’t manage to put a lap together. I was not proud of my job yesterday, but I’m a little bit proud today of my driving and hopefully those points will help the team at the end of the year.”
  • “It was messy, because it’s not only one car facing towards you, it’s also the smoke and the poor visibility. We were a little bit close on the right side, but it was worse for [Daniel] Ricciardo [and] Bottas so we gained a couple of positions for free, so that was good.”

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