Toto Wolff said Mercedes figured out a way to tweak their power unit to prevail at high-altitude tracks such as Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.


  • Mercedes has been on the back foot in terms of power in Mexico.
  • The circuit is over 2000 metres (above 7000 feet) above sea level, meaning the air is much thinner than other circuits on the calendar.
  • The Honda power unit used by Red Bull and AlphaTauri proved to be the most effective at the Mexico City GP as it is more suited to these high-altitude conditions.

What Wolff had to say:

  • “We have optimized it for these conditions.”
  • “At the end, you’re trying to extract power unit performance throughout the calendar, and the outliers are somehow difficult to take account for.”
  • “But it’s more a tuning question. It’s not that we’ve put the engine upside down. It’s just we better understand why it didn’t perform in high altitude.”

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