Daniel Ricciardo has apologized to Valtteri Bottas for the opening lap incident in which the Australian touched the Mercedes driver from the back.


  • Ricciardo said he already apologized to Bottas for the incident, though he admits he still needs to analyze what really happened.
  • The McLaren driver also commented on the race, calling it disappointing due to Ferrari having a better day than them.

What he said:

  • “As we got to the apex everyone closed in, I locked and at that moment Bottas came across. We hit and I apologize to him.”
  • “Without seeing it, I’m the one that went into him so at the very least I’ll say sorry for now and see if there’s much I could’ve done or if it’s a turn one incident.”
  • Talking about the race, he said: “Disappointing because Ferrari had a decent day and we didn’t. We can’t give up!”
  • “Of course, there are four races to go. It’s not a lot, we have some good weekends coming up and we’ll keep working hard to try and recover. They’re looking strong and they’ve done a good job the last few weekends.”
  • “It;s going to be tough but we’ll keep fighting.”

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