Lewis Hamilton finished the Mexico City Grand Prix in second place after failing to overtake race winner Max Verstappen through the last stages of the race.


  • Hamilton had qualified second for the race, while Verstappen was behind him in third.
  • The Dutch driver overtook both Mercedes cars at the start of the race and kept a strong form to claim victory in Mexico.

What he said:

  • “Congratulations to Max, that car was superior this weekend and there’s nothing we could really do about it.”
  • “I gave it absolutely everything and even, obviously, a great fight with Sergio at the end. But I’m very grateful to at least get a second.”
  • “The pressure, I’ve had that many times before, so it was easy to hold on. But it just shows how fast their car was when Sergio was that close behind me and able to follow me that closely. He did a great job, so he was applying that pressure and just kept going. I’ve really enjoyed the race still.”

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