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Wolff: Pressure discussion is bulls**t

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – NOVEMBER 05: Mercedes GP Executive Director Toto Wolff walks in the Paddock before practice ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Mexico at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez on November 05, 2021 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff believes the pressure discussion regarding the fight for the championship between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is “all bulls**t.”


  • Wolff believes that both drivers are of exceptional talent, and that the pressure discussion arising so ofter is not reality.
  • The team principal also denied saying the title fight would end up in a crash, as pictured by the media.

What he said:

  • “The whole pressure discussion is all bulls**t.”
  • “You’re getting into the car, you’ve done it all your life, you’re doing as good as you can, sometimes you’re making mistakes, sometimes not. And it’s the same with the team.”
  • “You just need to have a good car and look after yourself, be in the right sport.”
  • “I believe in car performance and I believe in human performance. And if you’re not mentally able to perform at the very pinnacle of racing you wouldn’t have made it into Formula 1. And you wouldn’t have won races.”
  • “We’re talking about two drivers that are of exceptional talent.”

Rivalries going too far: Wolff said that while “rivalry between the teams and individuals is good for the narrative of the sport,” he said it sometimes may go too far.

  • “I’ve been quoted as saying it [the title fight] would end up in a crash. I never said that. I said that if it was to go down in the last race and it was about defending your position or not, I could see these guys racing each other hard, and if that could en up in an accident, I think it could end up in an accident.”
  • “But I didn’t say it will end up in an accident. These things are spun out of control and out of context sometimes.”
  • “But isn’t that great for Formula 1? It’s racing.”
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