Max Verstappen shared his discontent by the way Yuki Tsunoda reacted while getting out of Red Bull’s way through the last stages of qualifying.


  • Both Red Bull cars missed the front row due to the incident with the AlphaTauri, giving Mercedes the advantage.
  • Verstappen said Tsunoda’s reaction was in “the stupidest place” to perform it.

What he said:

  • “The first run was really dramatically bad. The second run was slightly better and in that I could have fought for pole, but I have no idea what suddenly happened to Yuki and Checo in front of me. I’ll have to look back and see why they both suddenly went off the track.”
  • Tsunoda allegedly moved out to make way for the Red Bull drivers, to which Verstappen replied: “Yes, but that’s the stupidest place to do that, because you arrive there with quite a lot of speed [and] I thought someone had gone off, so I automatically went off the gas because there was all this dust coming up.”
  • “Then you lose two tenths and then I was only one-tenth under instead of three. Then you know it’s finished, you try to force something in the last sector but that doesn’t help either. It was really bad in Q3.”

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