Mercedes is worrying less about taking another engine penalty for Lewis Hamilton and hoping to avoid one over the final races.


  • Lewis Hamilton last took an engine penalty at the Turkish GP, where he managed to finish 5th.
  • Hamilton’s title rival Max Verstappen has already likely taken his final engine penalty of the year.
  • Mercedes wants to avoid an engine penalty at all costs to maximize its points.

What Wolff had to say:

  • “I think we’re feeling more robust about one particular issue that seems to be solved.”
  • “I think it’s never right to take a penalty, because these days it’s so difficult to overtake. You can see that Valtteri was absolutely dominant in Turkey, but [in the USA] you just get stuck in traffic with the penalty.”
  • “So we’re taking it on the fly. We’re deciding, do we need the penalty or are we not needing a penalty? And here certainly we won’t take one.”

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