Sebastian Vettel has shared his thoughts regarding team orders in Formula 1 ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix.


  • The Aston Martin driver does not support any form of team orders.
  • Vettel believes that Sergio Perez should not give up a possible victory in Mexico if Red Bull asks him to let Max Verstappen pass him.

What he had to say:

  • “There’s two different team orders. There’s the team order that you give way and you get it back in the same race if you are on different strategies and then there’s obviously the team order where clearly one has to get out of the way to make the other one score more points.”
  • “Now, even if maybe the situation is logically very easy to explain, I still think it’s bad and I would be in favor of not having any team orders ever. I think it’s just [that] nobody likes it.”
  • “If Checo [Perez] happens to be ahead [of Verstappen] then Checo should stay ahead.”

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