Mercedes engineer Dom Riefstahl said teams could give more data to the public in order to improve the show and the broadcasts.


  • Riefstahl has access to all of the team’s data channels, and he sees an opportunity to give away more data in order to improve to broadcasts.
  • The Mercedes engineer said teams would not be giving away any trade secrets while doing so.

What he said:

  • “There’s still a lot of data that we can provide to the fans and provide to the public, or to the people just doing the commentary and talking about the race, in terms of helping them make more out of the story and understand some of the background stuff that’s going on.”
  • “If you have more data available, and you had somebody who understands how to read the data and explain it, you can just show so much better what is actually going on.”
  • “You’re not [giving] away any trade secrets, and at the same time, you can just paint so much wider of a picture of it.”

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