Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz said he’s working on dealing with the media as he states any little thing said by him can become big headlines just because he’s at Ferrari.


  • The Spanish driver said he’s learning how to talk “in a certain way” with the media to avoid always making the headlines.
  • Sainz said the situation repeats often, even more so in Italy.

What he said:

  • “It’s interesting how little news can become big news just because you are Ferrari, or part of Ferrari.”
  • “In Italy this happens a lot and it’s something I still have to learn to deal with.”
  • “I’m still learning how to talk in a certain way, to realize that if I say things this way instead of saying it the other way, it can become a big headline or not.”
  • “As a driver, I’m trying to teach myself how to deal with situations like this, because it’s not easy at all.”

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