Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says upcoming driver George Russell knows the boundaries inside the team “very well.”


  • Wolff said that Russell will be allowed to race hard, but that he should respect boundaries that he “knows very well.”
  • Primarily, Wolff said that the thing of “ultimate importance” is to avoid making contact.

What he said:

  • “He [Russell] will slot into the team but that doesn’t mean he has to hold back when driving. You can’t expect a lion in the car and a puppy out of it.”
  • “But there are certain boundaries within the team that must be respected and George knows them very well. Once the lights are green, only the drivers are responsible. I can’t interfere, manage, or remote control them, but one thing is of ultimate importance: Don’t touch. That’s your responsibility. You can race hard, but no contact.”
  • “I’ve been there before with Nico when it wasn’t just a rivalry. There was a lot of animosity and that’s not going to happen.”

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