McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo admits he wouldn’t give up a home race victory to his teammate.

Why it matters: Red Bull’s Sergio Pérez revealed that obeying possible team orders to let Max Verstappen win the Mexican Grand Prix would be “complicated.”


  • Ricciardo thinks that a driver should not be forced to give up a home victory by his team.
  • At the same time, the Australian assumes that swapping positions is possible if it helps a teammate win the title.

What he said:

  • “Right now, my answer is no, I would not [let a teammate through]. If it was the last race of the season and that position swap literally meant the world title or not, then maybe that’s a more complex decision-making process.”
  • “But a home win, that’s the thing you dream of as a kid. And if obviously you’ve earned it on track then I feel like it should be yours for the taking.”

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