Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko said the team is open to the possibility of racing Porsche or Audi engines in the future.

Engines, a complicated story: Marko admitted that their view as a “new manufacturer” is complicated.

  • “We see ourselves as a new manufacturer. The engines we use until 2026 were not developed by us.”
  • “We have the IP [Intellectual Property] rights, but it is a complicated story. We are allowed to use the engines, but are not free to develop them further.”

And independent developer?: Yes. Red Bull could develop their own engines for 2026, but Marko remains open to the idea of collaborating with a partner for this process.

  • “We are in a position to do everything independently. If a partnership arises that increases our strength and quality even more, we are open to it,” he explained when asked by the possibility of working with Porsche or Audi.

Marko also clarified that their current partnership with Honda would not get in the way as collaborating with other companies is a possibility from 2026 onwards.

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