Christian Horner has given an update on the situation regarding the team orders at the Mexico City Grand Prix.


  • Horner admits that the decision is difficult to make because of many circumstances.
  • The Red Bull team principal assures that they would be happy to see Perez’s victory in home race.

What he head to say:

  • “Our main objective is to win both championships, and both drivers know the task involved to achieve that.”
  • “But, of course, so many scenarios, [so many] what ifs, can happen. It would depend on where our opponents are.”
  • “So you can’t rule it out, you can’t rule it in. Our preference would be to see if Checo [Perez] were in that position for him to win his home race, there’s no bigger result for any home driver but, as a team, we have to keep an eye on both of these championships.”

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