Formula 1 heads into a triple-header which involves two races in the Americas and the third one in Qatar.

The concern: The fast-paced schedule which involves traveling big distances and a dramatic change in timezones from the Americas to the Middle East will make things complicated for the drivers, and Gasly is publicly expressing his concerns.


  • The French driver says recovery and rest will be key elements of going through the intense upcoming triple-header.

What he said:

  • “We now have a triple-header and it’s the first time we have traveled this far from home for a couple of seasons.”
  • “Rest, recovert and sleeping well will be important because it’s going to be quite complicated with all the different time zones.”
  • “Since Austin, I returned to Europe to go on the simulator so I’ve crossed the time zone again and now we’re heading to mexico to start these three races, with long flights and a change of continent.”
  • “It’s important to be at 100 percent for each of these races.”

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