Ross Brawn admits that the qualifying rule requiring the top 10 drivers to start the race on the tires used in Q2 could be canceled.


  • Brawn agrees that the rule gives an unfair advantage as the drivers outside the top 10 have more strategic options.
  • The F1 managing director of motorsports believes that removing the rule will not be complicated.

What he had to say:

  • “One of the unfortunate things about the Q2 race tire [rule] is it gives those who are really quick even more of an advantage because they can easily choose whichever tire they want for Q2. Whereas those who are desperate to get into the final qualifying need to run a soft tire.”
  • “So it’s had a slightly contrary effect, I would argue. I don’t think removing it is a big issue. It is certainly something we’re looking at for the future, whether that Q2 race tire is still something that overall is better or worse for the race.”

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