Ross Brawn has revealed that Formula 1 is currently looking to find ways of making racing in wet weather better.

Why it matters: Poor visibility due to a big amount of spray made racing at this year’s Belgian GP too dangerous for the drivers.


  • F1 is currently looking at how much spray do WEC cars create.
  • Fernando Alonso has given the officials feedback regarding driving a sportscar on wet surface.

What Brawn had to say:

  • “In terms of rain there’s been some quite interesting work starting to be done now on the spray and the visibility.”
  • “Pat Symonds and some of the FIA people spoke to some of the drivers in the last couple of races about their experiences at Spa, and their general experiences, particularly drivers who have raced other cars.”
  • “Fernando [Alonso] was quite interesting because he said the ability to race in the rain is much better in a sportscar than it is in an F1 car.”

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