The Formula 1 season is coming to an end and Mick Schumacher has reflected on his first year in the sport, saying he feels “very comfortable” despite not being in a top team.


  • The German understands that new drivers don’t get chances in top teams straight away, though he mentioned Lewis Hamilton as an example of starting in a top team.
  • Schumacher admits he feels “very comfortable” as he works in what he believes are the right points to be stronger next season.

What he said:

  • “A few drivers ended up in a top team immediately and got the chance to be at the front. Lewis [Hamilton], for example.”
  • “In this day and age that we’re in, almost nobody starts in a top team. If you get into a team and the team maybe doesn’t look strong or good, then the dream of all drivers is to help the team with the work you put in as a driver.”
  • “I don’t feel like I’m missing anything yet. I feel very comfortable. I think I’m working on the right points, so I can be strong next year.”
  • “This whole evolution I’m going through will hopefully make me the driver who can then race for championships in the future.”

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