The lap times will continue to be illegitimate if the drivers pass through a double yellow flagged zone at the Mexican GP.


  • Fernando Alonso avoided consequences at Turkey when he potentially failed to slow down enough in a double yellow flagged area.
  • This motivated the FIA to test a new system, in which drivers would automatically have their lap time removed if they pass through a double yellow flagged zone.
  • Race director Michael Masi has confirmed that the trial will resume at the Mexican GP.

What he had to say:

  • “It certainly worked first time out. We only had one that had to be done. That was Kimi [Raikkonen] during FP3, I think. Only one scenario.”
  • “So we will continue it again in Mexico, and we’ve got a few back-of-house processes to try and speed up that system.”
  • “But that seems to have ticked the box in that world, and all the drivers were quite supportive of it being very clear from that perspective, and probably from not having engineers and so forth trying to debate what is and is not meaningful.”

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