Stefano Domenicali admits that the current trends in the Formula 1 audience is a good thing for the sport.

Why it matters: F1’s recent global survey has shown that the audience has become younger and more diverse.


  • Domenicali assures that Formula 1 will keep working to keep the trend going.
  • The F1 CEO believes that the Drive to Survive series has contributed to attracting the new fans.

What he had to say:

  • “I think diversity and getting younger audiences will enable us to enrich, in terms of being able to capture the attention of more people.”
  • “That’s really something that we’ve seen [happen with] the effect of having the right language, the right narrative, and the right tools that are closer to the way the younger generation are working and behaving. That’s really something that we’re going to push even harder in that respect.”
  • “For sure Drive to Survive had a big impact, mainly on the ones that were not really so avid fans of Formula 1. They saw different narratives with regards to that sport. For sure it had a positive impact.”

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