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Jeddah construction progress “miraculous”

The construction of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is making “extraordinary” progress as the Grand Prix date closes in.

Why it matters: The circuit is yet to be completed as the race is only 5 weeks away.


  • There were rumors that the circuit wouldn’t be completed in time. However, the construction team is confident they will meet the deadline.
  • Mark Hughes, managing director of MRK 1 Consulting (a firm involved in the construction project) said the team is making “extraordinary” progress and that it has been “miraculous” so far.

What he said:

  • “From my experience and from having worked on projects, Bahrain was built in 16 months, Abu Dhabi was built in 18 months. We built the track in Tahiland: From ground-breaking to our first even was 12 months at Buriran and that was another Tilke project. Tilke’s experience of fast track projects is quite exceptional.”
  • “What they’ve managed to achieve over the last few weeks is miraculous,” he said, later calling the rate of progress “extraordinary.”

Keeping control:

  • “We also have regular visits from Formula 1 themselves, a number of Ross [Brawn’s] team have been there over the past couple of months. The plan is the race will happen on the fifth of December, that will go ahead and I believe it will. From the progress I’ve seen, I’ve got no reason to doubt it.”

Building Jeddah “a big ask”:

  • “With the amount of time it took to build Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Buriram, I think construction started on the 1st of April in Jeddah and the race is in December, that’s a significantly condensed timeframe.”
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