Lewis Hamilton has spoken about his thoughts regarding the 2021 F1 season and his championship fight with Max Verstappen.

Why it matters: With five races left in the 2021 campaign, Hamilton is 12 points behind Verstappen.


  • The Mercedes driver believes that the current title battle is not the toughest.
  • At the same time, Hamilton admits that this year has been difficult for him.

What he had to say:

  • “No, I wouldn’t say so [that the battle with Verstappen is his most challenging]. I was just thinking about other ones, all the championships that I’ve fought in since I was 10,” Hamilton told Sky Sports.
  • “There’s been so many difficult moments, and they’re all very similar in their own way, but all unique in their own way at the same time.”
  • “It’s been the hardest year on so many levels, but there have been so many positives. I’ve really enjoyed it, even on the difficult days.”

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