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Masi has “good relationship” with teams’ sporting directors

Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing.

Michael Masi has spoken about his conversation with Alpine’s sporting director Alan Permane at the United States GP.


  • Masi understands the position of each team representative when it comes to resolving an incident.
  • The FIA race director admits that the teams are not forced to follow his instructions, but if the teams decide not to do so, the incident will be investigated by the stewards.

What he had to say:

  • “I’ve got a good relationship with all the sporting directors. They’re all there fighting in their own corner and that’s what you’d expect for them to continue fighting in their own corner.”
  • “My call to the teams is a recommendation. They can choose not to follow it and, if they choose not to, I don’t have the power to say, ‘You have to do this’, it’s, ‘I suggest that you should do this’.”
  • “If they choose not to, I refer that to the stewards for them to view and they’ll make their judgment accordingly.”
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