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Ocon concerned with F1’s reliability issues at COTA

Esteban Ocon feels that the severity of the bumps at COTA is “on the limit” of hindering the cars’ reliability.


  • Over the US GP weekend, drivers commented on the bumps on the track surface that race director Michael Masi wanted to be removed after the MotoGP weekend.
  • For most teams, this just generated extra discomfort, but Mercedes reported that they had to make adjustments to their car to counteract the severity of the bumps.
  • Alpine driver Esteban Ocon feels that it could be a major issue if the bumps worsen when the next US GP rolls around.

What he had to say:

  • “They are on the limit for reliability. If we come back next year and it has a step again in that direction, I think the cars will start to really face issues.”
  • “When you go slow it’s not a big problem. But once you start going fast it’s big hits on the floor, on the suspension, the engineers start seeing red alarms and high loads and that’s obviously not something that we should see. So I think the track needs need some work for next year.”
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