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Norris admits Ferrari had “the quicker car” in US GP

The United States Grand Prix was a tough race for Lando Norris, who explained Ferrari’s car was rapid and difficult to match.


  • The two teams were neck and neck in qualifying, but the Ferrari pair held the advantage going into the race.
  • Ferrari managed to haul in slightly more points than McLaren. The Ferrari drivers snatched 18 points while the McLaren duo racked up 14 points.
  • The Italian team is now only 3.5 points away from McLaren in the constructors’ standings.

What he had to say:

  • “A long race, tough one, not a lot we could do really, following. At times I thought we had better pace, but I think altogether, considering Charles was 25, 20 seconds ahead or something ahead of Daniel, it shows that they [Ferrari] were again the quicker car today. Disappointing, and we couldn’t do anything more but it’s the way it is sometimes.”
  • “I also think there were some areas I could’ve done better, including defending on some moves. The start was pretty exciting but we just weren’t able to stay ahead of the Ferraris in front.”
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