Fernando Alonso has shared his vision of how rules should be applied in Formula 1.

Why it matters: The Spaniard was dissatisfied with the race direction’s actions during the United States GP.


  • Alonso has nothing against the rules themselves.
  • The Spaniard insists on fair interpretation of each on-track incident.

What he had to say:

  • “We just need to put in place the rules. I think when you go in football, and you take the ball inside the area with a hand, it is a penalty. So there is no clarification of the rule [needed],” Alonso told Motorsport.com
  • “You just need to take the decision and say that this is a penalty. Because if not, everyone will be inside the area with the ball in his hand.”
  • “We don’t need any modification. We just need to implement the rules when it [an offence] happens.”

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