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United States GP was “difficult” for Bottas

Valtteri Bottas reported that he struggled to fight through the field in Sunday’s US GP, and that it was “not the strongest weekend”.


  • Bottas’ chances at the US GP already took a blow after the Finn took an engine penalty before the race, forcing him to start 9th on the grid.
  • He struggled to surpass the cars in front of him as he had predicted prior to the race.
  • Bottas crossed the finish line in sixth place, having lost a vast amount of time to his teammate and the Red Bull cars at the peak of the field.

What he had to say:

  • “It was difficult, like I expected. What made it more tricky in the first stint was being behind the AlphaTauris and not being able to get by. [I] obviously lost quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, there was no help of a Safety Car today.”
  • “I made some progress, but it was slow. Making progress was difficult and we knew it would be, because of the temperatures here and the characteristics of the track.”
  • “Not the strongest weekend for us, but in free air, the car felt good, and there are plenty of learnings we can take forward as a team.”
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