Sergio Pérez revealed he felt ill before the United States Grand Prix, which he described as “horrible” due to his conditions.


  • Pérez’s car suffered a failure with the drinking system, meaning the Mexican had no water for the entirety of the race.
  • The Red Bull driver says it’s a shame he couldn’t keep up with his teammate Verstappen and Hamilton, but admits he’s had a “nice boost.”

What he said:

  • “It was a horrible one. I was suffering from diarrhea in the morning, I don’t know. So, I hydrated myself well.”
  • “But from lap 1 onwards I ran out of drink and the first stint I was struggling to make things properly losing strength. The last 30, 40 laps were tough.”
  • “We have a nice boost but I am so much looking forward to Mexico. It’s a shame I couldn’t keep up with Lewis and Max. Mexico should be a good track for us.”

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