Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have spoken about their expectations regarding the start of the United States Grand Prix.

Why it matters: The championship rivals start Sunday’s race on the front row, which might lead to an aggressive battle for the lead.


  • Hamilton thinks that the start is not the only opportunity to win the race.
  • Verstappen admits that he will not change his approach to the starting procedure.

What they had to say:

  • “I hope we’ll make it through turn 1 and we get a good race. I don’t think it’s all decided on turn 1,” Hamilton commented.
  • “I don’t see why we always have to keep bringing this up. It’s not like we are the only ones who have touched, you know, in this sport,” Verstappen added. “These things happen, unfortunately, but we are on the front row again and everyone is just expecting a great race, and that’s what we also expect, I think, as drivers.”

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