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Bottas believes overtaking Ferrari, McLaren will be difficult

Valtteri Bottas thinks he faces a tough task at the US GP to pass McLaren and Ferrari, saying they are “not the easy cars to overtake”.


  • Despite claiming fourth place in qualifying, Bottas starts the US GP in 9th place due to an engine change earlier this weekend.
  • Ferrari and McLaren are close to the pace of Red Bull and Mercedes and have shown impressive gains over the season to occasionally match them.

What he had to say:

  • “They’re not the easy cars to overtake for sure,” Bottas told
  • “And based on what I felt yesterday, following was quite tricky, but at least it seems like it’s gonna be more or less a two-stop race, so there will be at least two opportunities with the strategy. And you never know, there will be opportunities.”
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