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Vasseur discussed Turkish GP incident with Giovinazzi

Antonio Giovinazzi at the United States GP. Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing.

Frederic Vasseur has confirmed that he has talked with Antonio Giovinazzi about the incident on the final laps of the Turkish GP.

Why it matters: Giovinazzi did not let his teammate Kimi Raikkonen overtake him after the team had asked him to do so.


  • Vasseur does not want to blame Giovinazzi for the incident.
  • The Alfa Romeo Racing team principal confirms that there are no disputes regarding the matter.

What he had to say:

  • “At one stage Kimi pushed more, and we thought that we were able to keep the tires, and we asked Antonio either to push or to let him go.”
  • “He was probably too conservative, but I don’t want to blame him. But we had the discussion.”
  • “He was a bit lost with the quantity of the attack he has to do, that for sure he could be much faster. And he was too conservative.
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