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Mekies doubts Ferrari is significantly faster than McLaren

Carlos Sainz at the United States GP. Credits: Reddit.

Laurent Mekies is not sure that Ferrari currently has a big advantage in terms of performance over McLaren.


  • The Ferrari racing director thinks that the team performed better than expected in Turkey.
  • Mekies expects close competition between Ferrari and McLaren at COTA.

What he had to say:

  • “No, we are not a large step ahead. I really don’t think we are. I think, in Turkey, we had a very good performance both on Saturday and Sunday. So it was certainly points that was above our goal.”
  • “Here, we expect it to be very tight with them [McLaren].”
  • “We think they are a touch faster right now as you can see on the timesheets and they were pretty much winning two back to back races a month ago. So we certainly feel they are going to give us a very hard time but the team is working well and we just need to continue to deliver strong weekends.”
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