Toto Wolff has spoken about where Mercedes gets the advantage over Red Bull Racing at the Circuit of The Americas.

Why it matters: Mercedes has been unreachable in the United States GP FP1 with both Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton being nearly a second ahead of Max Verstappen, who is in third.


  • Wolff believes that Mercedes is quicker on straights and high-speed corners.
  • The Mercedes team principal reveals that the feedback from the drivers so far is positive.

What he had to say:

  • “It’s really good, I think we’re gaining on the straights, and that is good. But the main gain is when you look at the speed trace with Verstappen through the fast corners and that is encouraging because they’re clearly running more drag, they need to run more drag but we’re still better through the corners,” Wolff told Sky Sports.
  • “They [the drivers] were pretty happy in Turkey also but, today, there was not a lot of complaining.”

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