Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have spoken about their early expectations about next year’s Formula 1 car.

Why it matters: A set of new regulations is set to be introduced in F1 in 2022 with a new car configuration making its debut in.


  • Verstappen believes that proper feedback of the car can be given after driving it on a race track.
  • Perez is sure that 2022 cars will be worse than the current ones.

What they had to say:

  • “It’s been alright, just a little bit slower. But at the end of the day we first need to see the real car on the track and then we will adjust the simulator around it,” Verstappen told
  • “It’s obviously very different compared to the current regulations. I think these cars are currently driving, we’ll never see them [again] in the history of Formula 1. These are the best cars we have driven, or all people have driven in the history, so unfortunately everything will feel bad compared to these cars. But I hope it is just enjoyable to drive,” Perez added.

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