Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi says it’s not easy to deal with the uncertainty of his future in Formula 1.

Why it matters: The Italian’s seat is the only one yet to be confirmed for the 2022 season.


  • Giovinazzi said he will try to deal with the pressure as good as possible, but also stated that it’s normal for him to have uncertainty over his continuity.

What he said:

  • “For sure, it’s not easy. If you ask this question to all of the drivers, they will answer that it’s not easy; you want to know what you will do next year if you’re here or not.”
  • “So it’s not ideal, but the situation is this now for me, and I will try to do my best as well with this pressure on me.”
  • “But I like I mentioned already many times, for me, September, October, it’s been always like this. I always had some issues with what I will do the next season, and this is happening also this year. The problem is not in my hands, so it’s not my decision. What I can do is just bring the results, be fast, and then see what [Alfa Romeo] will decide.”

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