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Bottas admits secured F1 future helps performance

Valtteri Bottas revealed that the reassurance of his secured position in Formula 1 next year has left a positive impact on his performance.


  • Bottas departs from Mercedes at the end of 2021, having signed with Alfa Romeo for next year.
  • Bottas says that he has been feeling more positive and relaxed over the past few rounds as he took victory during the previous race in Turkey.

What he had to say:

  • “Well, I’ve had the confidence always really, but it’s nice to have a win and the reminder that you can win races. It’s been a while.”
  • “But, to be honest, after Monza I’ve been feeling very relaxed in any case and been able to just focus only on driving, and for sure that helps.”
  • “I think the team has been good, nothing has really changed. Everything is normal and the team has a good spirit overall, and we’re really motivated for the rest of the year and working hard as always.”
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