AlphaTauri’s team principal Franz Tost believes there is a division inside Honda between management who wants to stay in Formula 1, and those who think the company should head in another direction.

Why it matters: Honda will leave Formula 1 as an engine supplier by the end of the 2022 season with the goal of becoming carbon-neutral.


  • The Austrian said “some managers” at Honda wanted to continue in Formula 1 as they are “happy” to do it.
  • Tost is insecure whether Honda will come back to the sport or not in the future.

What he said:

  • “I can’t speak in the name of the management, or the board at Honda, but there are some people, or some managers, who are satisfied and happy to do Formula 1, and others who think the company should go in another direction.”
  • “Wether Honda will come back or not, I don’t know. They have decided to stop at the end of this year and will provide us an Red Bull Racing with engines in 2022.”
  • “From 2023 onwards, the engine will be built and designed by Red Bull Powertrain Technology Group. As for the rest, we’ll see.”

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