Otmar Szafnauer reveals that Aston Martin had no intention to question Sebastian Vettel’s strategy call at Istanbul.

Why it matters: Vettel decided to put medium tires during the Turkish GP, which proved to be a wrong decision.


  • Szafnauer confirms that Aston Martin prioritized Vettel’s feedback.
  • The Aston Martin team principal believes that the team showed its trust to the German.

What he had to say:

  • “Seb came on the radio and he said, ‘I want dry tyres, put mediums on,’ and we didn’t challenge him, we did what he said. It happened pretty quickly, so we didn’t debate that long with him,” Szafnauer told Motorsport.com.
  • “Oftentimes we say that in drying conditions like that, it’s a driver’s choice. And we went with that.”
  • “You have to trust him, and the other thing you got to trust is he is good in the wet and tricky conditions, and that’s exactly what was out there.”

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