Michael Masi believes that Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez had a fair battle during the Turkish Grand Prix.

Why it matters: Hamilton and Perez had a tight battle and the Mexican even went through the left side of the pit entry bollard. However, no one was penalized.


  • Masi believes that both drivers raced in a proper way.
  • The F1 race director reveals that neither Mercedes nor Red Bull complained to the direction.

What he had to say:

  • “I had a look at it, absolutely, but our regulations state in the notes that you only have to keep to the left of the bollard if you’re committed to entering [the] pit lane.”
  • “So [there was] nothing in it. It was good, hard racing between the two of them.”
  • “Neither team, funnily enough, raised a question. Neither Mercedes nor Red Bull. Good, hard fight, play on.”

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