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⚡ ASN Morning Brief: Celebrating 2 years of ASN

Hello and welcome back to the ASN Morning Brief! It’s Wednesday, October 13. Word count: 601 … 4 1/2 minutes.

The big thing ?: Celebrating 2 years of ASN

We’ve celebrated 2 years since the founding of ASN Motorsports.

Our company was created on October 12 of 2019 by me, Luciano Calamante, with the objective of raising the quality levels of the content inside the Formula 1 community. Today, we’re one of the fastest-growing motorsports media outlets in the world, with over 2 million reads in less than half a year since the opening of our website.

To celebrate the special occasion, we’ve designed a special edition poster using the latest 3D technology to re-create the 2022 version of the Formula 1 car, together with a custom-made ASN livery and graphics. By buying the poster you help us continue delivering the highest-quality-possible content from the sport you love.

Engine problems not a concern for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is not concerned about any possible engine problems that Mercedes might experience.

Toto Wolff had revealed the Mercedes Power Unit had “unusual noises” as they further pushed the development of the unit.


  • Hamilton believes that he should not be the one worried about engine condition, and is confident his PUs are in good shape.

What he said:

  • “I don’t really give any energy to it. It’s not my job to worry about that stuff, so I let the guys focus on that, worry about it.”
  • “My engine is in good condition. My first engine, I think, did six races. We still have engine two, and I think engine three is still there.”
  • “As far as I’m aware, hopefully I don’t have to [use a fifth engine], but I can’t predict what’s up ahead.”

“KARMA” – Alonso apologetic for collision with Schumacher

Fernando Alonso took responsibility for clashing with Mick Schumacher during the opening laps of Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix.


  • Alonso tumbled to the back of the field after Pierre Gasly clipped him into a spin on the first lap.
  • The Spaniard attempted to recover and lunged up the inside of Schumacher’s Haas, which resulted in a collision that sent Schumacher’s car around.

What he had to say:

  • “I thought I was alongside him, but obviously it was a late move, so we touched each other,” Alonso told
  • “Unfortunately he had the spin, and I got the penalty. I take it, of course. I’m sorry to have the collision with him.”
  • “Obviously that happened only because I was P14. I should not have been in that position. The luck seems to keep avoiding us this year big time. I guess we are accumulating a lot for next year.”

Eyeglasses needed ?: Mazepin “driving blind” at Istanbul

Nikita Mazepin admits that he has had to overcome poor visibility at last Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix.

Why it matters: The Haas driver blocked Lewis Hamilton, when the Briton was trying to lap him.


  • Mazepin wants to apologize to Hamilton.
  • The Russian emphasizes that it has been difficult to see the cars.

What he had to say:

  • “I do need proper guidance in my ears on where the other cars are, because in all the spray… Turkey isn’t exactly the cleanest spray that we have, so it flies and dries out.”
  • “I was driving blind and when you get so many cars overtaking you, lapping you actually not once, but even twice… it was just a disaster.”
  • “I’m happy that we managed to get [out of] the way, but I’ll see Lewis and apologize to him.”

That’s everything we have for you today. Have a great day and see you tomorrow! ?

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